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Pnina Abramovich

1982, Israel.



​2015-2017 MFA, Hunter College, NYC, USA.

2009-2013 B.Ed.F.A, Hamidrasha School of Art, Beit-Berl College, Israel.

2001-2003 Sound Engineer Diploma, with excellence, Sapir College, Israel.

Art residencies 

2022 "Museo de la Cuidad", Queretaro, Mexico.

2019 "Radio 28"- Mexico City, Mexico.

2019 "Lilha" San Francisco, Nayarit, Mexico.

2016-2020 "Pachamama Eco Village" community, Guanacaste, Costa-Rica.

2015-2018 ”The Hive NYC“ art collective, Brooklyn, NY, USA.

Group Exhibitions

2022 "Museo de la Cuidad" (FU--LL--NE-SS), Queretaro, Mexico.

2020 "44Degrees" online art magazine (Social Distancing).

2019 "44Degrees" online art magazine (Special Collection).

2019 "Radio 28" local open studios event, Mexico City, Mexico.

2015-2017 "205 Hudson"- open studio events and gallery exhibition, NYC, USA.

2012 "Gallery 29" (Project 24), Kfar Saba Israel. 

2012 "Beit Sapir" (Untitled), Kfar Saba, Israel.

2011 "The Greenhouse Gallery" (Untitled), Ein-Shemer, Israel.

2011 "The Aquarium Gallery" (Structure), Haifa, Israel.


2019 "Feria Ambiental"- environmental fair,  San Francisco, Nayarit, Mexico.

2013 "Loving Art. Doing Art" P8 Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

2012, 2013 "Fresh Paint" secret postcard project, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

2012 "Yearot-Menashe Festival" Israel.

2012 "Artists In Action" Beit-Sapir, Kfar-Saba, Israel.

General Work Experience 2009-2024


Art spaces Manager- professional workshops, Collective & Privet Studios (Israel, Mexico).

Art instructor- for all ages, formal & informal setting (Israel, New-York, Costa-Rica, Mexico).

Artists and designers Assistant- privet studios (Israel, New-York, Mexico).

Art Sale- Paintings & Sculptures, (Israel, India, NYC, Costa-Rica).

Worker- art & Design projects (Israel, Costa-Rica, California).

The relation between specific art practices and the ethical and mystical ideas behind my work constitutes the core of what I’m doing.

Using analogies between nature and culture, pagan and contemporary tradition's practices and symbols, primitive and modern art-making practices as a way to reflect on humankind's relationship with nature.

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