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2012, 2013 Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair (secret postcard project), Tel-Aviv, Israel.

2013 Loving Art. Doing Art. Art Fair, P8 Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

My experience includes sculpturing with diverse materials and multiple techniques, machinery

and tools,molding and casting, as well as in painting, graphic design, photography, video and sound.

I have been an assistant to several recognized Israeli artists and have also been an art instructor.

Born in 1982 Israel, live and work in NY.



​2015-2017 MFA, Hunter College, NYC.

2009-2013 B.Ed.F.A, Hamidrasha School of Art, Beit-Berl College, Israel.

2001-2003 Sound Engineer Diploma, with excellence, Sapir College, Israel.

Group Exhibitions



The Greenhouse Gallery, Ein-Shemer, Israel.

Structure, The Aquarium Gallery, Haifa, Israel.


Project 24, 24 Artists Create in 24 hours, Gallery 29, Kfar Saba Israel. 

Yearot Menashe Festival, forest outdoor exhibition, Israel.

Artists in Action, outdoor exhibition, Beit Sapir, Kfar Saba, Israel.

Beit Sapir, indoor exhibition, Kfar Saba, Israel.

Shezhef, Kezhef, Rezhef, group initiative, Hamidrasha Beit-Berl college, Israel.

Solo Exhibitions



Digging, Hamidrasha, Beit-Berl College, Israel.


Loop, Hamidrasha, Beit-Berl College, Israel.

Life Form, Hamidrasha, Beit-Berl College, Israel.


Two Donkeys And a Rope, B.Ed.F.A Degree Show, Hamidrasha Beit-Berl College, Israel.


The Top Under, Spring Semester Open Studios Event, Hunter College, NYC.

528, MFA Mid-Program Show and Fall Semester Open Studios Event, Hunter College, NYC.

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