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This work deals with the musical structure of a form.

An attempt to translate the frequencies, the timbres and the amplitudes, that relates to a form, into a visual piece that resonate them.

The shadow that look's like a sketch or a print is a result of a light 

projected through the sugar crystals aquarium.

Looking at the crystal structure through its two dimensional negative

point of view simplifies the variables into a visual graphic image. 


The process of growing sugar crystals is intriguing because its natural and artificial at the same time;

The source of the sugar is natural and it grows by itself but, it's made out of white industrial sugar and there must be an external intervention so that it can grow .

This aquarium was filled with 30 Kg of sugar mixed with 10 Liter of hot water.

It took two months until it was covered inside with a thick layer of crystals.


 white noise ​graph

The shadow of the sugar crystals aquarium

suger crystals aquarium 70/30/18 cm


The pictures above is an example that illustrates the resemblance that I find between white noise and sugar crystal structure.







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